About us


Land Trusts are nonprofit organizations focused on protecting land that is special for one reason or another. Since 1982 1,280 local conservation organizations have protected more than 6.2 million acres (an area roughly twice the size of the state of Connecticut) and each year protect an average 500,000 additional acres. Despite the growing effectiveness of land trusts, two million acres of agricultural and natural lands are lost to development every year in the United States.

Land trusts acquire open space through gifts and purchases. In recent years, the fastest growing means of protecting land has been with the use of a conservation easement, a legal agreement between a private landowner and a land trust that permanently limits the scope and type of development while leaving the land in private ownership.

Land trusts fund their protection activities through private donations, gifts from corporations and foundations and memberships.

The Indian River Land Trust was formed in 1990. Since that time we have:Purchased and restored McKee Botanical GardenHelped protect Jungle Trail and Pelican Island Wildlife RefugeEstablished a fund for the Archie Carr Refuge for Sea Turtles Commissioned the county’s first environmental land study.